Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Open ERP for Glass Manufacturing Industry

GIMS(Glass Manufacturing Industry Management Solution) is ERP Solution for Glass Manufacturers. GIMS is an inventory and account management software for glass industry. Glass industry uses this solution to solve the problem regarding glass sales, manufacturing, designing and accounting. This Software fulfills all the requirements of glass industry.

It is a complete ERP Solution designed for Glass Manufacturing Industry. This software help to centralize the management system. Maximum utilization of resources through GIMS. Control the all aspects through one erp software. Increase the productivity and profitability of the business. Important modules of GIMS are Sales Management, Product Management , Purchase Management, Customer Relationship Management(CRM), Warehouse Management, Manufacturing and Accounting Management Modules.

Key Features-
  1. It maintains full Glass Industry process
  2. Contain the functionality to derive all of the manufacturer’s critical process, including supply chain management, procurement of materials, production of glass, inventory, CRM, BOM, accounting and distribution.
  3. Help desk support system, Insurance management System, Claim Managemen.
  4. Instant messaging and mailing system to control internal process of the industry.
  5. Employee and their Task management including easy-to-connect feature providing for internal usage.
  6. Customized sales order report, Sale Invoice Report, Purchase Order Report.
  7. Glass Optimization Feature.
  8. Document Management System for managing attachments like product design, Report, Client Request Form etc.
  9. Proper Tracking of Accounting in full process.
  10. Credit limits Functionality.
  11. Taxation
Main Modules-
  1. Sales Module 
  2. Purchase Module 
  3. Warehousing Module 
  4. Accounting Module 
  5. Project Management 
  6. Human Resource 
  7. Document management 
Sales Module-

In this Module OpenERP v7 use for maintain the sales department. This module is customized according to Glass Industry Sales Department need and can be customized further according to user Requirement.

Purchase Module-

In this Module our software is use for tracking the purchasing orders done by industry, supplier’s information and controls your product reception process.

Project Management Module-

This Module is use to manage the projects of industry by providing the correct information of regarding execution of projects. It helps for execute a big project in small execution time.

Warehouse Management Module-

Open ERP support push and pull rules to define your complex routes in your warehouse. This Software tracks all the past and future inventory transaction.

Manufacturing Management Module-

This Module automatically organizes the manufacturing orders and launce purchase order and reserve products in stock. It manages the working time of manufacturing and capacity of resources.

Human Resource Management Module- 

This module is used for manage the employees info such are name, work and salary etc. It also maintain the appraisal, recruitment and attendance of employee.

Accounting management Module-

This Module is use to maintain the accounting of industry that what amount of money is debiting and crediting. And it also Make a printed report of accounting.

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