Tuesday, 27 May 2014

OpenERP4you is nominated as Best OpenERP and ODOO service provider 2014

OpenERP4you feel proud to share this amazing news that this year we have been nominated as best partner of Odoo and Openerp, In this nomination there are  three organizations have been selected in the category of Best Partner 2014 Asia-Pac.

This nomination has proved again that OpenERP4you is really fulfilling  predetermined goals and  mission “ to bring a change of improvement” hence started accomplishing  our visionTo be known in the world as a company that brings a good change, growth and business improvements”.


For this nomination we would like to show our gratitude to the team members of OpenERP4you, for their  hard-work , dedication and team spirit of each and every member of OpenERP4you made this day possible and making our clients satisfied by providing quality  services to our customers. 


So again OpenERP4you is ready to go ahead and taking this organization to new heights by providing the best services as usual and making our customers happy and satisfied.
Last  not least OpenERP4you would like to thanks our customers who all have provided us opportunity to bring changes of improvement ,growth and business improvements.

In Order Provide us a opportunity to serve you connect us 

Email: Sales@openerp4you.in
Phone: +91 9990539414
Skype: openerp4youonline

Friday, 23 May 2014

How openerp4you provides the best solution for small and medium scale industries

OpenERP4you has successfully implemented  Opensource ERP for  handicrafts industries,ERP for Exporters and importers ,ERP for Retail stores ,ERP for Government department, ERP for  apple product management system, ERP for glass industry ,ERP for event management, ERP for Distributors ,ERP for  shipping company ,ERP for  stone fabricator,ERP for  Education institutes successfully, while  we are in continous comparison with established players like SAP,Oracle , Microsoft navison  etc still our customer adopted openerp4you and is currently enjoying benefits of an open source erp. 

We have been able to achieve the above mentioned success stories because :

• We are here to see our customer grow.
• We are here to change our customer to adopt the best business practices.
• We are ready to adopt customer business practices and customize our solution based on their specifications. 
• We are here to change our customer to be  the most efficient and productive.
• We are here to stretch our customer to the limits of improvement

Why should you choose opensource and Openerp4you 

 Cost effective                                                                  
License free of cost.                  
No charges for software.                                    
Implementation fees and resources are less expensive.
Support charges are fairly competitive 

 User friendly    


Easy to learn, understand and use.
Highly professional & Beautiful interface 
Language is logical and easy to understand
Multi language capability user vise
Multi language capability customer vise
Dynamic reporting using groups
Multi views for same data eg. graph , kanban, group 


 It can be adapted to your company’s needs instead of your company adapting to it.
You can easily customize the software just by plugin and plug-out of new module. 


Easy Integration with existing systems.
Can be integrated with biometric device
Can be easily integrated with other / existing system in your organization.

Fast Implementation
        Implementation turn around time is very fast as you start getting results very fast.

 Independence from the vendor as you have access to the source code.

Potential coverage of all business areas, easy to customize.

Quick return of Investment.                    


Openerp4you can help you to manage your business through open source software, while we also promise that you will start leverage the benefits very fast with hight ROI. 

Connect us : 
Web:    www.openerp4you.in 
Email:  sales@openerp4you.in
Phone: +91 9045555288

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

OpenERP Replacing Lightspeed for Apple retail with SRO

We  would like to Share an amazing information that openERP4you  has successfully implemented software for apple products, which is designed and customized for apple retailers.

System  snapshots : 

Features Of APMS

Ø Customized Invoices and Reports at any point of view to analyze.
Ø Faster deployment of your solutions through APMS.
Ø Take back your control panel back to you  through an integrated
Ø ERP application solution at your company.
Ø You can reach to your customer through APMS  any time. 
Ø Automated Accounting Integration.
Ø Manage multiple store through one click.
Ø Customized report generation.
Ø Print, Preview, Receipt at any point of  view.
Ø Multiple users can access with performance  loss.
Ø POS hardware integrations includes Printers, scanner and swipes etc.
Ø Remote login from anywhere inside or  outside the office.
Ø Customer’s feedback.

SRO ( Service Repair module apple ) :

SRO module help in managing all kinds of service request.

For more details contact :
Phone: +91 9045555288