Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year 2014

Every one born on 1st Jan every year. Let make some new resolutions , some new inventions, some new ideas . Begins your new year 2014  and declare out loud that you will learn through joy. 

The secret to live your life with your precious dream is to start living it today , you don't have endless time and perfect conditions . Do it TODAY. Do it NOW.

Each time you fail, start new beginning over and over again and this make you even more stronger survivor.

 "Don't Look for Answers all the time, try to become a Solution "

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Shipment Management Module in OpenERP

Shipment Management Module has complete automation of all critical processes related to shipping management. The more you can automate goods deliveries and systems updates, the more profitable your business will be. Spending less time on admin means you can spend more time on tasks like stock selection, marketing and customer satisfaction.
Load Plan Module will offer comprehensive load planning and optimization.

Features of Shipment Management Module
  1. Classify business objects such as items, orders, containers et into flexi system.
  2. Use business rules and constraints in the process of load planning and optimization.
  3. Solve multi-tier load planning problems (packaging - palletizing - container / trailer loading). 
  4. On time Shipping schedule. 
  5. Delivery Dates and late shipping tracking.