Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to manage Holidays in OpenERP!

Holidays are managed by using the hr_holidays module.

This module provide following features:

  • Help us to manage leaves and  leaves requests.
  • Keep track of previous holidays.
  • We can set our own colour preferences, according to our leave type.

Monday, 26 November 2012

About OpenERP4You... Change Begins Here

Our Mission

Change beginswhich means where ever we go , we begin a change of improvement.

Our Goals
  • We are here to see our customer grow.
  • We are here to change our customer to adopt the best business practices.
  • We are here to change our customer to be the most efficient and productive.
  • We are here to stretch our customer to the limits of improvement.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Concept of Standard price and Average price in OpenERP

OpenERP supports these two methods of calculating and automatically updating product cost:
  • Standard price is fixed manually or revalued periodically.
  • Average price which can be updated at each receipt to the warehouse.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Comparison Between OpenERP v6.1 and v7.0

Following are the points which shows the difference between v6.1 and v7.0:-

  • On average all processes (e.g.: purchase → reception, create and renew contracts, configure products, etc.) are performed 38 % faster on OpenERP 7.0 than on OpenERP 6.1.

  • Version 7.0 reduces the number of clicks and keystrokes by a quarter or more, and more than halves the distance traveled by the cursor.

  • As « time is money », OpenERP 7.0 will reduce implementation time and costs, lower the learning curve for new users and bring productivity to every employee.

  • The new status bar has been re-designed to give the users a clear view of all the steps they will go through to complete a certain operation. Users are able to see the progress of their lead, quotation, sales order, etc. just by checking the status bar on the right hand side of their form view. The stage in blue indicates the stage that the OpenERP document is currently at.


  •  In OpenERP 7.0. the form view of each object has been redesigned so that the object the user is working on resembles a real document.

  • The new kanban view is that you can use it and customize it as you go. You can add new columns, fold columns, reorder columns using drag and drop and edit/delete existing columns.The overall look and feel of kanban views is much cleaner in version 7.0 than in 6.1.

  • In OpenERP 7.0, we have restructured the menus: the reporting and settings have been aggregated each in one place. Furthermore, the vast majority of the menus are now unfolded, the user no longer needs to click on the menu name to see the rest of the menu items, they are all visible, by default all the time.

  • In version 7.0, OpenERP has created the Action Needed indicator It indicates the number of objects requiring action from the user. It can be the number of vacation requests to be validated by a manager, or the number of new resumes, which need to be reviewed by a recruiting officer.

  • No more confusion between "Stages" and "State" now in OpenERP 7.0 . With version 7.0, we simplified this and only kept the stages. For example, in Opportunities you can now pick between different stages: New, Qualification, Proposition, Negotiation, Won or Lost.

  • In version 7.0, the user’s interface is customized according to their rights. For example , if a user has no permission to edit sales orders, the corresponding button will not appear in the view of a sale order.

  • The rejuvenated touch screen POS module meets all of our previously stated objectives:
    1. Increased productivity of the user since Web-based and easy to use ;
    2. Reliable, in consideration of the embedded connect/disconnect mode;
    3. Allows for integration with a great many POS-related devices.

  • Your personal productivity tools: notes, tasks and collaborative pads now in version 7.0 . For which you can organized your events, collaborative meeting etc.

  • A new app has been added to OpenERP enabling you to manage vehicles-related data of your company. You can keep track of vehicle contracts, car-related services and refueling logs. With this App you can easily keep records of your vehicles, assign an employee to them, update the odometers and so on. i.e Fleet Management.

     Many More Features Kindly check this video:


Sumaiya Faridi

Functionality of "Shop" in Sales Order

In OpenERP, a SHOP plays a crucial role.You can create a Shop by filling required fields, take a look to the picture.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Manage Purchase Management through OpenERP

Purchase Management:

We tell you basic functinality of how to manage the issues of purchase management in OpenERP V6.1.

The Need Of OpenERP!!


OpenERP :  An easy solution to all Business related problems...

The OpenERP is beneficial for businesses of all types and sizes.

The key points of OpenERP is

  •  increased productivity
  •  reduced operating expenses
  •  improved information flow
  •  enhanced performance management.

OpenErp serves as a solution to all Business problems, it ease the system flow. It triggers momentum to all the business processes. It handle all facets of company management .OpenERP allows you to start easily with one module to fit a specific need then add additional modules as and when you need them enabling you to have a powerful feature rich Enterprise Resource Planner.

About OpenERP

First Understand , What is ERP?..

ERP is the acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning. An integrated information system that serves all departments within an enterprise.

ERP is business management software that allows organization to use a system of integrated applicatons to manage the business. This integrates all facets of an operation, including development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Manage Your Sales with OpenERP

Beginner and Facing problem to deal with OpenERP.

We are here to help you for functional understanding  of OpenERP V6.1.

Apple Product Mangement Solution-a solution to a great problem

A summarized way to manage your products with ease.

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By Shruti

Introduction of Our Product APMS !!

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Here you learn the features of our Product that is APMS(Apple Product Management Solution)